Friday, September 2, 2016

With Penelope Among The Britons

While we were touring Hampton Court, grand-daughter Penelope and her parents were arriving and setting up housekeeping in central London. We spent most of the next few days with them, visiting old and new sites in the big city before taking P with us for more camping and touring in England and then across the Channel.
First stop was the Eye and a ride P had been promised

We carried on up the river to the Tate Britain
(later post)

Construction cranes dotting the horizon

Nice literary tribute

Really loves her Grandma

Interesting sculpture at the British Library (see the forthcoming
British out-takes post)

Three generations of readers...

Street scene

The British Library

P with one of the more interesting Tube buskers

Victoria and Albert probably didn't plan it this way, but the
major use of the pool and fountains, especially on warm days,
is entertainment for the kids

Now aboard Le Duc and ready to carry on
carrying on

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