Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Kew Gardens, 2

Our tour of Kew Gardens continues.... I should mention that we did visit Wakehurst Place, Kew's southern outpost, back in 2013.
Borders and parterres all over; including the
longest double border

At the Hive, listening to bee music/conversation/whatever; you
do this with a wooden stick in your mouth, which transmits the

Water feature in a lily pad area


Cactus/succulent building

In the very warm and humid lily pad building; largest pads ever,
so far

Sausage tree

Seats four

Big old tree and admirer

Kew is not without its flaws, and one a major flaw; it is on the
landing path for Heathrow, and every 30 seconds or so one of
these thunders overhead; the 2PM complex was particularly
annoying; as one of the guides observed, at least they no longer
dump fuel on the plants....

The tree-top walk

Henry Moore was here

In the very large Japanese garden

The very famous pagoda

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Rebecca said...

Did you do the treetop walk? I did it on our trip (I think the 2009 visit)--it was so fun!