Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Kew Gardens, 1

In all our visits to London, we had never seen Kew Gardens, on anybody's list one of the 2 or 3 greatest of all gardens. As a botanical garden and research center, it encompasses many garden types and, of course, gazillions of species. And it is old. historic, and huge, befitting the Empire. We spent an entire day there, taking the train from Walton on Thames, and leaving London to Penelope and her parents.

Even Kew has its follies

Major botanical garden building; the temperate zone building
was closed for renovation

Huge, yes

Hundreds of specimen trees


Newer, specialized buildings

Kew also has its share of sculpture

An empire can never have too many follies, right?

Over behind the lavender is where the Kew bees live; much
interest in bees at Kew...(we were on the pollination tour)

In the drier, warmer areas; it was quite a warm day

More specialized buildings, statements


Color everywhere

And more giant specimens

The Hive...sculpture, bee concert hall (see
next post)

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