Sunday, September 18, 2016

Hever Castle And Gardens

Kew was Thursday and on Friday (July 21), after the V&A and British Library, Penelope joined the grandparents for a week of travel and camping. We wanted our 5 year old grand-daughter to see a "real" castle while in England, and so we took her first to Hever Castle, south of London. Hever is actually a fortified residence, of note particularly in that Anne Boleyn did some time there in her youth. The Castle has passed through many hands and is now owned by a corporation that maintains it as a family castle and gardens experience. We were there on a warm Saturday at the height of high season, and specifically for the weekly jousting extravaganza (next post).
Walking from the lake to the castle

Very old vines

The usual folly

Gardens in full mid-summer glory

Distant view of the castle complex

But first, a visit to the demonstration areas,
here, dressing up Medieval

In the tent with real medieval weapons, it was
impossible not to reflect that 52% of these
people are certifiable morons

P in the musical demonstration tent

Family portrait

Hever Castle; alas there was a no fotos policy on the interior

But I snagged one anyway

With princesses

Castle close-up; had a double moat; with water

Smelling the roses

In the rose garden

In the ever popular water maze: make the wrong turn and you
get wet

Jousting; she enjoyed Hever greatly; however, the fun was just

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