Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hampton Court Gardens

The Hampton Court palace gardens are vast and diverse, including most of the major types of much topiary, the world's oldest still-producing vine, the oldest garden maze, the longest herbaceous border, etc. We would have been totally blown away, but Kew Gardens was next on our agenda.
Color everywhere

Along one of the two great borders

Where else to see this?

One of many long avenues

Pano of the back 40 and its avenues...

The grand canal

In the vast formal gardens

Am I using the word "vast" too much?

Rare plants outside the old orangery

Dutch gardens borrowed largely from the French

Largest wisteria ever, so far

Allegedly the oldest still-producing vine

Ripening for the fall

Inside the oldest maze

The longest border

Along the Thames near the original entrance

Yes, even Capability had a hand in the gardens
at Hampton Court, although he was by no
means the only designer

Another incredible home and garden!

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Rebecca said...

That Henry VIIIth shrubbery is just perfect!