Monday, September 26, 2016

Domaine Des Ormes

After Josselin, Jeremy returned the rental car to Rennes, then took the train to Paris, and then the plane back to San Francisco. Plane, train, and automobile. After a day of packing and washing, the four of us, Rebecca, Penelope, Vicki, and I, drove in Le Duc to the Domaine des Ormes, in the direction of Mt. St. Michel. En route we spent several pleasant hours at Dinan. The Domaine des Ormes is a 5 star family camping resort Rebecca found, with abundant outdoor activities, plus a weekday kids' club where P could practice her French.
It's a huge complex, old chateau, golf course, massive indoor
and outdoor aquatic facilities (wave pool, many slides, etc.),
equestrian activities, zip lines and ropes courses everywhere,
athletics fields, plus housing to suit most any taste; people
in RVs comprised 5-10%; the place was full during the six
nights we were there;

Playing en Francaise

Tree houses

On a field trip, meeting with a forest hermit

More tree houses, all rentals


Further on the field trip, swordplay between knights

And then instruction for the kiddies

Practice with a friend

Our encampment overlooking the soccer fields

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