Monday, September 26, 2016

Combourg And The Menhir Champ Dolent

After a few days we took Rebecca to Rennes to catch the train to Paris for a few days' visit and shopping. On the way back, the grandparents and grand-daughter stopped by the village of Combourg and it chateau and then the Menhir Champ Dolent.
Combourg and the chateau

The big name in Combourg is Chateaubriand,
father of Romanticism in France, writer, poet,
historian, diplomat; yes, Chateaubriand steak
(and sauce) is named for him; seriously

Street scene

The chateau

Across the lake

If you're going to see just one megalith in
Brittany, make it a big one; Champ Dolent
is 9 meters tall; Brittany's largest

Like farmers in central Montana, Breton farmers also practice
sculpture in hay; "what the hay?" it's called in Montana

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