Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Across Normandy

Before the ferry, we stopped at the Morrison's in Dover for last helpings of British necessities: clotted cream, scones, ginger beer, bitter shandy, etc. In Calais, we headed immediately for the Two Capes Auchon, our favorite, to renew our long acquaintance with French food, but, sadly, exercising restraint: Vicki's 50th reunion was scarcely a month away. Our overall travel plan called for driving across Normandy and into Brittany, keeping an active 5-year-old happy and busy. This we accomplished through long stops at beaches along the way and ample conversation about France and the French. Also occasional screen-time with the iPad. And occasional bribes. In Brittany, near Guern, we would meet up with P's parents, who had been spending a week in Edinburgh.
Looking toward the beach near Le Touquet/Paris Plage; Vicki
and P are out there on the low-tide sandbar

Making friends; en Francaise

The aire de camping-cars at Le Touquet; 15E a night, very
expensive for this sort of thing; but, hey, it's Paris Plage

Miles past Rouen, we spent the night in Pont L'Eveque; here
in a creperie; we told P she could have the chocolate crepe
dessert if a) she ate all or most of her ham/cheese galette (Grandpa
helped) and b) she ordered it in French; this she did, much to the
amusement of fellow diners

Church at Pont L'Eveque; a pretty town, with a free aire

We drove on to favorite Trouville and miraculously found a spot
at the tiny aire there; the weekly market was underway

In the seafood market at Trouville, P was particularly intrigued
by the crustaceans

At the seafood market; make your own fruits de mare: order from
the stands on the right, consume at the tables on the left

At one of the stripey shops, where Grandma bought P a stripey
fleece jacket

Low tide in the little channel that separates Trouville from Deauville

Vicki and Penelope walking out to the low-tide beach at Trouville

Cuisine in Trouville (pie crust soup)

Playing ball and chasing seagulls at Trouville

A summer camp group experiences the incoming tide; it's

Beach pony ride

It happens

Flowers everywhere, as usual in France

At that evening's seafood repast, P boldly tried
the St. Vaast oysters; not to her taste; but she
she did like the samphire (sallicorne) and the
salmon and shrimp

We drove on to the aire at Villedieu des Poules; then drove on
to Guern the next day; P was happy to be reunited with Mama
and Daddy at the cottage they had rented

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