Thursday, July 7, 2016

Springhill House, Londonderry County

Northern Ireland has a number of National Trust sites, and we wanted to see at least Springhill, Mt. Stewart, and Castle Ward, all quite comparable to Trust sites we have seen in England and Wales. Springhill is a late 17th century manor house, part of the Ulster Plantation, and in the hands of the Conygham and Lenox families from that time until 1957. Amazingly, the contents of the house are all original and contain some real treasures. And no, we did not see the ghost, although the guide, a particularly good one, certainly set the story well.
Springhill House

Knife and gun club, including some used to put
down various Irish rebellions; the blunderbuss,
we learned, is actually a ladies' weapon (don't
have to be a good shot; to be fired from the hip)

Knife and gun club, part two: a Kentucky rifle
and a long rifle, 1680, used in defense of Derry

Extremely rare: death warrant for Charles I; Cromwell's
signature is third down on the left; it was death to own a copy
in the Restoration; this is one of only a few known surviving

Library, 3,000 books, largest private collection of 16th-17th in
Ireland; original edition of Hobbes' Leviathan, others

Traveling chest

Sitting room

Very old Steiff bear

Cane given by George III to a lady of the family after she had
lost her leg

Black Wedgewood

Faux bread molds (it's a long story)

Grave marker from WWI France

Interesting antiques everywhere

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