Wednesday, July 13, 2016


After Fourknocks we made our way to Dublin (about 20 miles) and did an administrative day at Blanchardstown and then moved back to Camac Valley campground, from there to enjoy two nights of entertainment in the Hibernian capital. In view of my illness and days lost we had re-booked our sailing to Holyhead to allow ourselves a bit more time in the great city. Friday night Vicki had gotten tickets to Riverdance, now in it nth year of performance (they say Parnell loved it). We had both seen bits of Riverdance on TV years ago and had resolved this was something we had to do. There is a scale of Irish folk music...Cobblestone and its sessions at one end, and Riverdance at the other. Riverdance is sort of the Broadway version of Irish music and dance, complete with lavish lighting, sound-track, and effects. Our tastes are squarely in the middle of the scale, but we much enjoyed Riverdance. The dancing was certainly the best tap dancing I have ever seen...including Irish, Flamenco, African-American, eastern European...sort of a world tribute to tapping and stomping. The all-female musical group was outstanding, especially the extended solo number on the uilleann. The hyper-soprano was capable of shattering glasses in the theatre bar.... Needless to say, photography and videography are not permitted during the performance, but I did sneak a few at the end.
Warming up before the performance...a glass of
Jameson's helped

In the gorgeous old Gaiety Theatre

Lead dancers

Concluding applause; note megalithic art theatrical set

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