Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Musical Pub Crawl

For those so inclined, there is a musical pub crawl...for listening and learning primarily, although patrons are encouraged to down a pint of the black stuff or other at the pubs visited. You start at Gogarty's (I suspect the whole thing is organized by Stephen Leech), then move off Fleet Street to Ha'penny Bridge, then across the river to Brannigan's, off  O'Connell. We wish we had done this pub crawl first, rather than last, but, in any case, whether at the beginning or the end, it helped make sense of much that we experienced and enjoyed in Ireland. And it was also the most amusing and entertaining thing we saw. Vicki's idea, of course.
Before the crawl, we split an enormous farm grill at Gogarty's
(not pictured...half  a dozen oysters)

At Gogarty's, but not for long since the place
is loaded with drunk stags and hens and
American college students on Saturday night;
this crawl requires attention and sobriety; and
is worth the sacrifice

At Ha'penny Bridge; the same two guys did all the performance
and commentary; wish I'd gotten their names...really outstanding

Here discussing/demonstrating traditional Irish instruments

At Brannigan's

After the crawl, we crawled back to Gogarty's for another
hour of Stephen Leech & Co before the midnight bus to
Clondalkin; a great end to our month+ in Ireland

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