Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mount Stewart: The House

You can add Mount Stewart to our list of favorite homes and gardens. It is filled with original furnishings and furniture, it and its families were of historic interest, its gardens are among the very best we've seen, and it has one magnetic personality who accounts for much of its interest and charm: Edith, Lady Londonderry, wife of the 7th Marquess of Londonderry.
Entrance, actually the boring side of Mount Stewart

In the entry hall

Very 18th century; and gorgeous

A smidgeon of the 65 place silver collection

Edith, in uniform as leader of the Women's
Legion in WW1

She'll be remembered for many things, not least
the design of Mount Stewart's extensive gardens
(next post)

The Marquess and Lady Londonderry entertained many leaders
of the day, both in London and at Mount Stewart

For example

An earlier owner of the House, Lord Castlereagh, was an
architect of the 1801 Act of Union (from whence we get the
UK of GB, which then included rather more of Ireland)
as well as a military leader in the Napoleonic Wars and
chief diplomat in the ensuing Congress of Vienna; one of two
paintings from Wellington...

Robert Stewart, Lord Castlereagh, eventually
2nd Marquess of Londonderry, to whom history
and poets have not been kind: "Posterity will
ne'er survey/A nobler grave than this/Here lie
the bones of Castlereagh/Stop, traveller, and
piss" (Shelley)

"Your pal, always--N"

Some of the good china

George Stubbs' famous painting of the Hambletonian, winner
at Newmarket in 1799, in an impossible pose


Faux book-lined shutters

Breakfast room; great view of the Shamrock Garden, as I recall

Note ceiling fixture

Matching marquetry below on the floor

Upstairs, a print of the Duchess of Devonshire...a relationship
with the Londonderrys we have not quite yet figured out


All the guest bedrooms named for cities


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