Friday, July 1, 2016

Lough Gur Stone Circle And Tomb

Carrying on through County Limerick, we came to Lough Gur, one of Ireland's hundreds of beautiful lakes. There are several megalithic sites around, and we wanted to see the so-called wedge tomb (to us, an allee couverte) and the great Grange Stone Circle, Ireland's largest, 150 feet in diameter, with 113 stones, ranging to almost 3 meters high, and oriented toward the summer solstice sunrise. Standard neolithic, c.3,000 BC, although considerable broken Beaker People pottery was found above the clay mound inside the circle.
A bit of beautiful Lough Gur

Two views of the wedge tomb

All the rock conglomerate

Modern day entrance to the circle

Panning around

Largest of the orthostats, 45 tons; the 360 degrees are divided
by 12 such rocks, each directly facing its counterpart across
the circle

Tree vs. stone; trees always win

Entry way; the sun shines right down the path
on summer solstice sunrise

Whirling dervish pano view of the circle

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