Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Irish Out-Takes, 2

Stena Lines transported us across the Irish Sea to Holyhead on July 3rd. "Westward the gaze wanders, eastward skims our ship..."
It's a long way, but we finally made it

More than kissing cousins, as it turned out

Don't mess with Ireland

King of the mountain

Call the confidential Doggy Poop Hotline, turn
in your neighbor...we actually saw someone
doing this at Strandhill

Welcome to Ireland

In Northern Ireland now, UK of GB, where everything is sorted

VCR library at Springhill; not leather-bound

Library policy

And on the third day...

Dog wash at a gas station

Victorians loved these animal dramas, here, stuffed squirrels

In Ireland, of course

Down Town

Mind your head

Wild Irish rose

Roundabout in County Meath; note carved stone

Get your Book of Kells mousepads, soap-on-a-rope, tea towels,
etc., here

Red-heads everywhere

"Bin your gum when you're done...and avoid a 150 euro gum
litter fine"

"Jame Joyce Pub Award"--I should have done
a post on the Joyce industry, which he would
have abhorred

"James Joyce left Dublin with Nora, his wife to be, in 1904.
They used a ferry to make good their getaway. Why not you?"
I rest my case.

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Rebecca said...

I don't know which is better: the Napoleon resurrection or the stuffed squirrels fighting. Great pics!