Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Irish Out-Takes, 1

Before our narrative takes us into Northern Ireland seems a good place to inject a few Irish out-takes...
At the Blanchardstown Centre (mall) outside Dublin: "Come on
you boys in green"; in the Euro Cup, Ireland beat Italy, impressively,
but then fell to France

Interesting sign defacement

Not a dog lover

We never miss a Sweet Pea store (Dingle) (Penelope)

Business diversification

Thus (Dingle)

Best lawn ornament ever, so far

Visit Abbeyland, Famineland, Rebellionland...

At a Dublin bakery: original crispy fondant

Group mimes

Indeed, at Gogarty's

Irish camo

People really do wear it

Men in saffron

Rotel spin-off: the bus can accommodate 22 tourists plus
driver, guide, and cook; everything contained in this one vehicle;
sleeping compartments upstairs...

"Oh God, not another garden!"

"Our back-up camera has been bugged!"

Fierce Viking again

Yet another church converted to restaurant (Cashel)

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