Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Inishowen Peninsula, Malin Head

And so it came to pass that we drove Ireland's northernmost peninsula and its northern-most point, Malin Head...
Still on the Wild Atlantic Way, but now adding the "100"
spirally thing, which we construed to be the Inishowen
Peninsula loop road

Some of it inland, some of it by the water

A lot of it up and down

Stopping for lunch at Pollan Bay

Not going in the water

And finally arriving at Malin Head, Ireland's northern-most point

Announcing to American, RAF, and German planes, this is
Ireland, neutral, please do not bomb

View from the top

Old Lloyds' semaphore tower

Now working our way down the east side of the peninsula...a
stone circle not visited...the Bocan Stone Circle...although
advertised in the tourist literature, there was no clear path to
it, no signage, and it was surrounded by long-horned bovines
that did not look like cows to me

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