Sunday, July 17, 2016

Chirk Church

After Chirk castle and gardens we parked at the Chirk RR station. One of the things we have learned on this trip is that the train stations, especially way out in the boonies like Chirk, can be very quiet and safe places to savage-camp, with no prohibitions and no cost. The provincial lines simply don't run at night. After dinner, we walked into Chirk town and visited Chirk Church, an old parish church that was a hub of activity that evening, decorating for a Saturday wedding.
Chirk RR station

No ordinary station; even though it is not staffed (you just board
the train and see the conductor about a ticket), it is still
beautifully landscaped and appointed

Chirk Church, dates from 15th-16th centuries,
though predecessors stood on the site much

Double nave, the right side younger

Painted carvings on the terminals of the arch
braces; 15th-16th

Not funny faces

But close

Nice Perpendicular windows, 15th


On the south side, many memorials, mostly to
the Myddletons

And these cute little paddles, offering an
English translation of the Latin memorial

Interesting place

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