Sunday, July 10, 2016

Castle Ward

Bernard Ward (later 1st Viscount of Bangor) and his wife Lady Anne had irreconcilable differences, and later parted over them. Before parting, however, they memorialized their differences in Castle Ward (built 1762-1770): he of the Palladian, classical bent, she, Gothick. And so you have here a great house in a beautiful Irish setting, the front half of which, inside and out, is classical, and the backside, inside and out, is Gothick. [I understand "Gothick" to be like neo-Gothic]. Anyhow, a schizophrenic house is something we could not pass up. Alas, the tour was so good, especially in its emphasis on social history, we almost forgot why we came to Castle Ward. And then there was the Game of Thrones thing. But I digress.


Ceiling of her boudoir

Tea service: you drank out of the saucer; if the tea were too hot,
you would have a servant blow on it

Drawing room (hers)

Interesting furniture

Ceiling decor; obviously I found her side of the house far more
interesting than his

His side bedroom

Piss pots; one of the many fascinating things we learned was
that in Georgian times it was considered the height of rudeness
to leave the dining room before everyone was finished; if
Nature called, and you couldn't stand it any longer, you excused
yourself to the corner of the room and discreetly (!) used one of

Georgian exercise equipment, helps with horse riding skills

Every visitor to Castle Ward was weighed
coming and going; several explanations of this:
showed how well you were fed...cut down on
loss of silver, etc.

Your rang, sir? Episode #19,472

Housekeeper's rooms (Mrs. Hughes)

Nice if not overwhelming garden

Monkey Puzzle

Among the structures down the hill...

I lost interest in Game of Thrones when they killed off Boromir

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