Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bru na Boinne, 2016: Newgrange

The bend in the River Boinne, County Meath, encloses one of the half dozen greatest of megalithic centers in the world, with Newgrange, Knowth, Dowth, and scores of satellite structures. More than half of the megalithic art so far known resides within this bend. We visited in 2009, and I posted a brief account, http://roadeveron.blogspot.co.uk/2009/05/bru-na-boinne.html, which I can not improve upon, except by quantity of pix.
Newgrange at a distance, driving by; the white facing is
quartz, from the Wicklow Mountains, 50 miles away; must
have been valued for something...perhaps its luminescence...
Newgrange is all about the sun...

Bru na Boinne, then bend of the river Boyne (chartered
helicopter view)

The River Boyne

In the museum, home sweet home, Ireland in the neolithic,
5,000-6,000 years ago


Neolithic toy

How to move megaliths...at Newgrange, they were probably
floated down the river on rafts, from a site miles away; then
schlepped up the hill on log rollers; imagine the work involved
in just felling the trees and shaping the logs, using only
stone tools...

"Symbols" found in megalithic "art"; no Rosetta Stone found
as yet

After the bus ride, the front exterior of Newgrange, with the
quartz and the giant curb stones; also after the tour (no fotos) of
the passage way and cruciform chamber, and demonstration of
how the roof box directs sunlight, at sunrise on winter solstice,
down the passage way to the chamber and the ashes of the dead;
so imagine how you would calculate that 6,000 years ago...

Vicki beside one of the decorated curbstones at Newgrange;
rather more of them occur at Knowth, next hill over

The entry stone (said to be the most photographed megalith in
the world), the entrance, and the roof box

We hope to be spending winter solstice 2016 in
Ireland; but we'll be home for Xmas

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