Monday, June 6, 2016


From Attingham we drove across the border to the town of Welshpool. Formerly, it was just Pool, Wales, but in the 1800s was changed to Welshpool to preclude confusion with other Pools and -pools. Liverpool, for example. Liverpool residents are called Liverpudlians, as I recall, so Welshpool residents must be called Welshpudlians. I infer. Travel is so broadening. We spent the night among the welcoming Welshpudlians and walked their main street the next morning...another bank holiday...and modestly stimulated the local economy.
Owen Glendower country, he of Shakespearian and other fame

Turning into town, we noticed this interesting stone circle

Not all that old, actually, but a gathering place, particularly for
heritage and poetry

With a curious marker

And a nice old redwood

The awful Welsh language

Main street

One of the fathers of socialism

American candy store

Incinerators outside the local hardware store--
try and find them at Home Depot

Also try to find poetry at the Home Depot,
particularly interesting poetry

The ferret races looked interesting, but we

You have been warned

Our encampment at Welshpool

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Tawana said...

We took lot of photos of signs written in Welsh. Undecipherable!