Thursday, June 2, 2016

Leominster's Priory Church of Saints Peter and Paul

The Priory Church of SS Peter and Paul is quite old and quite well preserved. The original building is Romanesque and the add-on, Perpendicular. The windows are mostly 15th century but very attractive. There is evidence of the Herefordshire School in some of the older bits. And there is an artifact that really belongs in the museum but which I suspect the church will never relinquish...a real ducking stool of yore...
Thus, again, the Priory Church

In the add-on; the original church walls to the left

In the old building; enormous old piers


Nice windows in the new building


Nice carving on the furniture

"Give me that old time religion..."



And thus

Entry to new building


West door to the original building


And thus

And now, what you've all been waiting for...

There it to the side of the old building, hardly given the
pride of place it could be paraded around town
in the chair and/or dunked in the river in it; was finally retired
in Leominster in 1809, with a service of penitence in the
church! Used to be required by law for all manors, hamlets,
villages, towns

Helpful illustration from the town museum...used primarily to
punish women guilty of nagging or gossiping, but also merchants,
including men, at variance with the office of weights and
measures or guilty of public brawling; sort of an 18th century
water-boarding...Cheney/Trump would love it

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I was thinking maybe Trump needed to be put in that chair.