Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dublin Scenes

We've been in Ireland more than two weeks now, and this is my first blog post about the place. We have been busy, especially nights in Dublin, but also elsewhere, and I've had a debilitating cold, now better enough to get out of bed. But I'm ready to start catching up. It may be a long process. We were here in May, 2009, car- and tent-camping while our RV was crossing the sea from New Brunswick to Bremerhaven. Blog posts from that time can be found on the blog archive or by searching "Dublin" or other relevant place names. We were in Dublin a week this time, including an administrative day or two, and I've decided it may be best to organize the posts by site-types, e.g., pubs, museums, literary sites, etc. We spent most of our time in pubs, with museums coming in second. The music in the museums is not so good. Also the beer.
The Molly Malone statue; Dubliners are very big on statues;
well, I think it was a statue, not a mime; Dublin's answer to The
Little Mermaid

Your can learn quite a bit about Dublin and Irish history just
by reading the signs on buildings, especially in the Temple Bar

Remains of Dublin Castle

I heard a guide describe this as the Castle's Google annex

Landmark, sort of, on the Castle green

Also on the green, a yoga master (a yogi? wait, no, that's a
baseball player)

His students; we were there to see the Chester Alan Beatty
Library..another post)

The only Art Nouveau we saw in Dublin

The Liffey

Classic Guiness ads adorn many of the pubs

Dubliners are getting serious about dog poop
and irresponsible dog owners

It's the centenary of the 1916 Rising, and there are memorials

Parnell statue

Another leader for independence

The O'Connell statue

The Dublin Spire, aka The Erection at the
Intersection; nearly 400 feet high; replaced
the Nelson monument which the IRA had
blown up in 1966

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