Friday, June 17, 2016

Dublin Joyce Walk

My interests in Irish literature are limited to James Joyce, though I readily concede there is way, way more to Irish lit, much of it among the world's greatest literature. Anyhow, while Vicki did a tour of Trinity U and the Book of Kells, I did a 90 minute walk under the auspices of the James Joyce Center.
As observed earlier, you can learn a fair amount about Irish lit
just reading the signs on various buildings in Temple Bar

Or noticing the sculpture at various pubs

Or reading the sidewalk plaques that are all over
the old city; Dubliners are justifiably proud of
their literary heritage, even including the silence,
cunning, and exile bits

The Joyce Center's circle walk was ably led by this young
woman, whose knowledge of the city, Joyce and his writings,
was impressive; nor was she one of those who simply venerates
Joyce; here she is telling us about Belvedere College, Joyce's
most formative years, and Stephen's

7 Eccles Street is one of the most famous addresses in literature

Alas, the flat occupied by the Blooms is no longer there (there's
a plaque to Joyce on the building's lower left)

Now a hospital, although someone has helpfully hung
a small banner for tourists

Similarly with many of the addresses associated with the Joyce/
Daedalus family, whose frequent removals kept them a step
ahead of the creditors 

One of their addresses, on Hardwicke Lane, now also gone

The house in which Gogarty (Buck Mulligan) was born; Joyce
and Gogarty were friends and rivals, early on; in a more
conventional sense, Gogarty was the more successful...if
wealth and public approval count...

The Gresham Hotel ("Ivy Day in the Committee Room,"
Dubliners; the Parnell statue is nearby)

"The prick with a stick," as Dubliners now call
it, just off the intersection of Henry and O'Connell

Interesting observation, in an exhibit at the art museum on the
subject of the Irish Diaspora; it took Joyce a while to get to the
generosity stage...

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Rebecca said...

Looks like a great walk! Did you go to the pharmacy to buy a bar of lemon soap? I still have mine!