Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dublin Eats

A bit more pub food than usual...
A bit better pub food than usual, however (8.95E for half a
dozen, including the pint)

Cheese board

Spending the day in the city occasionally
required a visit to the Hasty Tasty

Thus; pulled pork slop on the left, chicken with some sort of
cream sauce on the right

A dining "thing" in Dublin, Steak on a Stone: you take a slab of
volcanic stone and put it in the oven to 250-280F; sear the steak
30 seconds to the side, slab it and serve with whatever side; the
steak looked like a filet mignon, 8 oz; you thus cook it to your
liking, piece by piece if you like; new to us anyway; plus, made
it easy to remembers to keep you elbow off the table

The table still steaming after the serving tray is gone

But the best meal was our 48th anniversary dinner; after 5
straight days of spending the day (and a bit of the night) in town,
we were too tired to go in again, and so had dinner in the camper;
appetizer: crab pate and stuffed something...

Main course: Irish steak with sauteed mushroom

Dessert: fruit tartlets and espresso; the candle and napkin, I
note, are from our wedding in 1968; so Dublin joins Naarden
(Netherlands), Paris, Antwerp, Paris, Florence, Menlo Park,
Copenhagen, and Missoula, among the places we have
celebrated; but who's counting?

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