Thursday, June 9, 2016

British Out-Takes #2

And now, a few Parthian shots as we embark for the Green Island...
Dog walkers: why not carry the little bags home
with you or put them in the specially-marked bins?

Worth another look; I think all cathedrals should have bouncy

I had never seen a goose egg (literally) before

We never miss the dress-up room

Sure...pony hair brushes...I wondered why there
were so many volunteer workers in the library at

War is hell

Fixer-upper of the day

Another look

The contagion spreads: now Britain has frozen food stores, called
Cook, to rival Paris' scores of Picards; I think they should be
called Defrost

A slight extra charge for the oddly-shaped ones

Finally, at an outdoor store in Newbury, my favorite British
confection, Romney's Kendal Mint Cake (no relation to Mr. 47%)

Part of Stourhead Forest; reminded us of Montana

Coming soon in a special edition: Marmite

Does your community have a toilet scheme?

Organ on wheels at Hereford

"Despair not, my child...the cathedral tour only
lasts an hour"

Water bowls for short and tall dogs

Belt and suspenders approach

Nice sculpture at Brockhampton; for sale, too...900L

The Brits have gone batty

So much to like about the National Trust

Ancient fire engine at Croft

WWI display at Croft

"Reporting for duty"

Clive of India presents the recipe for chicken tikka masala to
Maharaja Gupta IV, thus ensuring the viability of the Diaspora
and the prosperity of Indian restaurateurs for all ages...

And carry on

No ladies night here

Checking for toe jam (Penelope)

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Rebecca said...

These are the best! Penelope will love the one of you with the giant toes. :)