Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Best Church Renovation, Ever, So Far

So there we were, walking down Henry Street, minding our own business, when up pops this interesting 18th century parish church and interestingly encased tower...
The tower

Someone's else photo

The fine print; really no sign on the outside to indicate what was

We stepped inside, and there it is, a faithfully and perfectly
restored 18th century church; Handel played the organ during
his time in Dublin; OK, some minor alterations have been
made; there was no question we would spend the rest of the
evening here

We took seats in the chancel

And the band; cracked me up they were seated right in front of
the "This do in remembrance of me" sign; the wind instrument
is an Uillean, the Irish bagpipe--the bags are squeezed by the
elbows, not blown

Dining in the nave as well as in the upstairs

"I wonder if we might have a table over there,
near Rev. Black?

The set menu; there's an a la carte menu; and
of course the usual pub grub

The place was rich with history

Especially Dublin history: Arthur Guinness, founder of the black
stuff, married here

Later, we moved over to the other side of the chancel

The band was great; better, there was traditional dancing too--
I'll post a video as soon as we have better cell reception than
here in Sligo; if you're in Dublin, don't miss

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Looks wonderful!