Monday, June 6, 2016

Berrington Hall

Sunday was a two home-and-garden day, as we drove from Leominster to Berrington Hall and then to Attingham, and then all the way to Welshpool, in Wales, for an over-night in its downtown car-park. Berrington was Culpability Brown's last commission--Croome, you will remember, was his first, two days earlier--I'd hoped to do an alpha and omega thing in the same day...but it was not to be. I can't say our Capability Brown set is complete, but we do have both the book-ends now. In any case, Berrington will require two posts.
Berrington Hall; Georgian

It was done up in Georgian entirely, including
these mannequins dressed in paper costumes...
someone very talented with paper

Berrington was in the family of Admiral Lord Rodney, famed in
the Seven Years' War and also in the War of Independence; it was
Rodney who, owing to illness, failed to show up in relief of
Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown; and the rest is history; in any case,
there are paintings of sea battles all around

HMS Rodney, 1944; one of the more remarkable battleship/gun
platforms ever the inter-war Nelson class, the RN's
only 16-inch guns afloat; just FYI; hurled scores of broadsides
into the Bismarck at scarcely more than a mile's range; sank
the Bismarck...

We return now to our regularly scheduled programming

Smocks, Tawana; all the laborers in the fields wore smocks...
see below

Men in smocks

In the dress-up room

We never miss the dress-up room

Display on Georgian dress

Looking down the servants' staircase

Butler's pantry

In the laundry...a washing machine

Drying racks

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