Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tip-Toeing Through The Tulips At Keukenhof

So, channeling Tiny Tim as best I could without a ukelele or falsetto vocal range, I accompanied Ms. Vicki to Keukenhof, the annual Dutch extra-super-duper-extravaganza of tulips and other things floral, something on our bucket list for a long, long time. This is the earliest we have ever been in the Netherlands, and we finally made it to Keukenhof! Nor were we in the least disappointed. It is spectacularl! I lack the tongue to adequately describe (or even identify) all the tulips, astilbes, kalanchoes, rhododendra, orchids, azaleas, amaryllis, roses, daffodils, etc., so the pix will have to speak mostly for themselves. I took 240 photos, and somehow will reduce them to two long posts. This is most painful, even after a week or more.

Keukenhof is mostly about about flowers from bulbs, or "bulibs," as the Dutch say. They spell tulip tulp. Someone please explain this to me.
Keukenhof is many hundreds of acres, and approximately 87
gazillion bulbs, each meticulously hand-planted, every year;
it is mostly English-garden style, on a vast scale, but with
long boulevards, as above

Many beds are mixes; it's all about culture and history and
aesthetics; but originally and still mostly about the growers'
struttin' their stuff

The many floral stream and creeks are especially wonderful

And, should you tire of the flowery stuff, there's plenty of
sculpture and landscape to look at

But how could you tire of the flowery stuff?

Streams emptying into a pond

Among many iconic shots of the "Garden of Europe"

Walking the concrete lily pads

Us, there

Not too many roses, but nice ones

Rhodos and azaleas all around, big borders and screens, some
in bloom, but most us hope that we are not too late
for the Rhodo riots of Kent and the south of England

Up closer

In one of the many, many indoor pavillions

Fruit trees everywhere exploding in bloom

Still working on the selfies

Is this iconic, or what?

Fields, from the windmill

To be continued...