Sunday, April 24, 2016


After teary farewells, Jeremy got us to SFO, Alaskan got us to SEAttle, and Delta got us to AMSterdam. The flight on Delta was one of the best trans-Atlantics ever, Vicki getting a row to herself, me getting unlimited single malts and movies of choice. After immigration and customs and collecting luggage, Rene met us in Le Duc, everything ship-shape and Bristol-fashion, and, after the usual payment and paperwork, we settled in at Amsterdamse Bos campground in Amstelveen, where the usually gruff owner remembered us as if we were old friends. We stayed up as late as we could, unpacking, re-acquainting ourselves with Le Duc, and then crashed.
Vicki has gotten very good and very consistent at the 50 lb 
limit; each one of our checked bags weighed 50.4 lbs

So, yeah, Alaskan (right) got us to Seattle (middle left) and Delta
(left) got us to Amsterdam

Mt. Rainier detail

The route took us over coastal ranges 

Thus, closer

And a confluence of great rivers...and then the Rockies, and
then over cloudy central Canada, Hudson Bay, Greenland,
and then the North Sea...Vicki sleeping, me watching TBL
for the 111th time (always some new gem) then The Big Short,
then bits of Concussion

And then, on final, the tulip fields and warehouses south of


Low country

As an old windmill greets us just before touchdown


Tawana said...

Diana and I are packing our bags. We leave for London in two days. Wes stays home. xxxooo

Mark said...

Have a great trip! I guess maybe our ships will pass in the Channel!