Sunday, April 24, 2016

Grand-Parental Quality Time in Middle California

We were in Menlo Park two and a half weeks, doing a bit more improvement work on Le Sport, re-organizing and re-packing for our next travels, and spending some quality-time with grand-daughter Penelope and her parents.
Tea party at an initial sleep-over in the new camper

At a photo-shoot at Gamble Garden in Palo Alto, Penelope

After costume change #1; Rebecca wanted to capture P's varied
interests in this fifth anniversaire collection

Posing for Stephanie, who did Rebecca and Jeremy's wedding
photos and sessions with P thereafter

With Mama

We took P camping a few days at Pinnacles NP, again; here she
is with Grandma on the Bear Gulch Cave trail

Examining a captured beetle; released, unharmed, shortly
thereafter; no beetles were injured in the making of this post


Crossing another creek, another day

Among many varmints observed

Not least among which--click to enlarge--was this Coastal
Horned Lizard

Junior Ranger treat with Grandma

Back at the campground, eating watermelon and playing with
other kids

A few days later, at Gilroy Gardens, with Grandpa

Enjoying the rides

On a family outing at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San

At the early Grandmere/Grandpere 5e anniversaire celebration

At length, we put Le Sport into storage, bid farewells and more
happy birthdays, and set forth again to Europe

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