Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Snowmobiling West of Yellowstone

We got to Island Park, ID, Saturday afternoon, and camped in a large snowmobile parking lot across route 20 from the USFS ranger station, just south of the Buffalo River, near Pond's Lodge. (All this for future reference.) (Island Park and West Yellowstone are neighbors in a vast recreational wilderness complex west of Yellowstone NP; snowmobile paradise; also hiking and fishing paradise.) Next day we did a ride from Island Park to Big Spring, then the Black Canyon Loop, and then up old favorite Two Top. Two Top was the best we've ever seen it and warrants its own post. Next day we moved to our old parking lot in West Yellowstone and did the ride out to Lake Hebgen, the FS look-out there, and back to town. More old favorites. And on Wednesday we did a huge circuit, Lion's Head, Valley View, Two Top once more, Black Canyon, then the long ride along the Yellowstone border back to West. We've done all our favorites.
Riding through Island Park

Big Spring, ID, another gorgeous day, many rentals out riding,
just like we once did

Heading up Two Top, which sort of straddles the ID/MT

Yes, there is a snowmobile speed limit in MT

Among the views from Two Top


Back toward the Black Canyon Loop

Looking past partially frozen Lake Hebgen

Ditto, from the FS look-out

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Tawana said...

The sky is gorgeous against all of that snow.