Saturday, January 16, 2016

On The Road Again To Montana

So after just one more tea party, and a whole lot more sorting and packing, we headed north, mostly via I-5, then the Columbia Gorge, and then I-90, to Missoula, to do more sorting and packing, in preparation for this season's (final, last, ultimate) snowmobile adventure.
Grandma's new scones recipe is so good even I
like it

In my princely regalia

Sometimes the sorting and packing requires difficult choices;
I wore this self-designed T-shirt more than 100 times between
2011 and 2016; alas, only two people ever even smiled at the
humor, much less commented (I was ready with, "Oh yes, it's
the former Castle San Angelo, at the corner of Conciliation
Avenue and the Tiber"); maybe there are more Catholics out
there than I thought; anyway, Vicki despises it, and, I admit, I
have out-grown it, so to speak; so it is now gone...

Our drive north included two extended visits at RV shows and
dealerships; here, our dream vehicle; but we are coming to the
realization that, with our travel plans in the next 3 years, we
probably don't really need an American RV after this coming
spring...of course, as I have often said, we make plans only
so we can change them...

Camping somewhere in deepest Oregon

Mt Hood, in Portlandia, majestic as always; alas, although we
got to Missoula just fine, our propane system stopped working...
no furnace, no hot water, no cooking, etc.; for the moment we
are OK, parked and plugged-in in the Rotts' driveway, everything
freezable drained or brought indoors; but we've got to get this
fixed before heading out and up into the mountains...PS, turned
out to be just a propane bottle lock-out...

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Tawana said...

Oh, my...owning an RV sounds like some of our experiences owning boats! Always something that needs to be worked on. Hope everything gets fixed soon.