Monday, September 14, 2015

Tahoe Camping

We camped two nights at the NFS' Nevada Beach campground, a pie-shaped strip of land, the wide side fronting on US50, the narrow side, perhaps half a mile, on Tahoe beach, a mile and a half from South Lake Tahoe (the town). Rather little of Lake Tahoe is easily accessible, I surmise. At either end of Nevada Beach, fearsome signs, fences, pilings, and other structures let you know this is private property. Anyhow, we mostly walked around, to town, in the forest, on the beach. It's pretty, yes, but smoke from new California fires was beginning to show--we'd seen some in Pinecrest--and we wanted to continue our northeasterly course.
A meadow in the Nevada Beach forest service campground;
the whole place was "rescued" in the 1980s--it was going to
be yet another massive casino/resort--ensuring local access
to the lake; note menhir and stone circle (OK, yes, I seriously
miss Europe)

Really blue sky at this altitude, over 6,000 feet

Sign near highway 50

Still relatively clear water

Panoramic view

Two-seat power-boat parapente

But then things get ugly

Thus; I fully expected armed sentries, but the fence here was
merely that of a trailer park

Burning Man (why not Burning Person?) had just ended, so the
streets and highways were filled with playa-covered vehicles
of various sorts; here is one at the campground; note scratched

Eating well on Senior Thursday at the casino

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