Thursday, September 24, 2015

Pinedale, 2015

We were last in Pinedale, WY, in 1995, I think. We have been there a number of times, starting in 1972. It is the western gateway to the Winds, and we have stayed or passed through en route to the Green River Lakes, the big mountains in the middle of the 120 mile-long range, and also Big Sandy Opening and the Cirque of Towers in the south. We spent another day in town, waiting for snow to melt in the higher country, walking and gawking the little 2,000 person town, which has changed much over the years. Strolling down Amnesia Lane. Wyoming is a state of booms and busts, and the more recent booms have been pretty good. It is to Pinedale that the millionaires came after being driven from their Jackson mansions by the billionaires. So the locals say. Lots of drilling too, in recent years.
Gannett Peak, from where we parked our first night, out west
of town by the new elementary school

Piney Creek, right in the middle of town

The Astorians passed near here in 1811, fording Piney Creek
and a few days later found the South Pass--at the southern end
of the Winds--which became the crux of the Oregon Trail

Lots of public sculpture all around, in addition to the many
historical markers


Every hundred feet or so one of these attractive rubbish bins,
different images, motifs, all western

The Outdoor Shop, where we have dropped a few coins, and
where, in 1983 or so an alert store employee saved daughter
Rachel from choking on a Jolly Rancher; this was before
"choking hazard" was a concept

A favorite restaurant--loved their sauteed mushrooms and
steaks--now gone

Hard hat poetry...

Decor in a local saloon; more than decor back
in the day

I love western general stores, and there was none better than
Faler's, in Pinedale; now Ridley's, and not much changed,
considering; we parked a second night in the forest service
ranger station parking lot; they said fine, just don't block

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Tawana said...

There is a barber shop about a block from our condo that has a sign saying "No Hippies Allowed."