Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Austin, NV

We drove through Austin as the sun went down, continuing on up the hill, looking for an NFS campground. But we resolved to drive back the next morning to have a look at this living ghost town of note. 10,000 prospectors and other frontier-types were in this valley at one time.
Seen all over town, nearly all of whose
businesses were closed

Street scene, mostly original frontier, which is not actually
all that old...


Saloon, left, library, right

Up closer

Episcopal church, built 1878, said to be one of
the finer specimens of frontier church in NV

Masons and Odd Fellows Hall

Frontier spirit

Going concern

Unfinished frontier structure

Favorite daughter/operatic star of the later 19th century, Emma
Nevada; America's answer to Lola Montez/Lili von Shtupp?

More frontier spirit; I guess he provided his own clean air and
water, safe food, transportation and communication
infrastructure, law and order, security from foreign aggression...

More frontier spirit

Trump's favorite insult is calling someone a loser; interesting
how many of his supporters are obvious losers, misfits, and

I think we'll just drive right on through Austin next time, if
there is a next time

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