Monday, January 26, 2015

Two Top and Big Spring

Monday we did the loop ride to Two Top and then on to Big Spring, in Idaho. We carried on a bit, looking for savage camping spots, but ended up lost in the suburbs/summer homes of Island Park, ID. With a low fuel situation--this is one of the thrills of snowmobiling--we carried on back to West Yellowstone and our campsite there at the Branding Iron Motel. Another exciting day. All of it coming back now. I think we are ready for some of the bigger rides!
Winter wonderland, approaching the top at Two Top

In the distance. the Tetons

Closer's supposed to be 129 miles from West Yellowstone
to Grand Teton National Park, but I think we're much closer here

Looking toward the top of Two Top; our first ride, after
purchasing our snowmobile in 2003, was here, and, we thought,
hey, with a 1000cc engine, we can do anything those smaller
sleds are doing...resulting in our first crash and rescue; more
than once were we rescued by the kindness of strangers...
anyhow, after a number of further rides and incidents, we
figured out that the 1000cc meant really heavy, and that we
should stick strictly to groomed trails...

More winter wonderland at 7,000 feet

Lions Head, in Idaho

Snowy mountains everywhere, all around

Big Spring, a giant natural spring, a favorite destination in

Up closer

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