Saturday, January 24, 2015

Camping in the Big Sur

We took P on another camping trip, in part to distract her from Mama's absence, this time to the Pfeiffer State Park in the Big Sur country south of Monterey. We have driven the coastal highway many times--it is one of the world's great ones, and Rebecca lived for several years just north of it, in Pebble Beach. It was our third or fourth outing among the redwoods in a couple months, although the ones at Pfeiffer were the biggest yet for this California visit. All this is to say I did not take very many pix. Except one spectacular event as we were driving back home on CA 1.
Our campsite at Pfeiffer; note BIG tree in background

Big Sur River; the  Big Sur is the land south of Monterey, not
just the coastline

P and Grandma on our hike to the waterfall, the trickle in the
distant background

Playing by the river

The spectacular event was seeing whales, seemingly a dozen
or more, swimming quite close to the cliffs...perhaps only
a half or quarter mile away


And thus; and especially the video at

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