Sunday, October 26, 2014

Return To Missoula, 2014

So as the sun began to set behind the mountains, October 9th, we pulled into Missoula, first our storage unit in East Missoula, and then Kim and Dave's up in the south hills. They are letting us stay with them while we get and move into the camper; and then letting us camp in their drive-way while we get all the other things squared away...which will take a couple weeks. We are fortunate to have such good friends here.
Our first morning back in Missoula, first snow on Lolo Peak
greets us with the reminder that the days will be getting shorter,
darker, colder...

Before anything else, and with the truck still unladen, we drove
up to our old house on Horseback Ridge

We lived in it from 1997, sold it in 2007; it was lived in for two
years, but then has sat empty the last five, on the market but
without a sale; so sad...

First sight of our new home...inspection, demonstration, etc...

Truck meets camper

Finally, after the bank, a couple days of me installing the tie-
downs, the steps, other truck improvements, truck and camper
are together, here in the parking lot at Bretz', one of Missoula's
several large RV dealerships; the first of several trips to Bretz,
and others, for hoses, levelers, "household" goods; much other
stuff purchased mail-order; our chief purchasing officer seems
to be enjoying herself; the big challenge will be getting the
solar power up and going, but we will have some considerable
help with that on a trip to Roundup, MT

Parked at Kim and Dave's; we're really enjoying the camper,
after a week, relatively spacious (for us), quite well insulated,
a galley twice the size of what we were earlier planning on, huge
comfortable bed, storage we haven't begun to utilize...

Typical Missoula residential scene; you'll occasionally see
them downtown, too

Most of our time has been out at the storage unit, reorganizing,
repacking, selling a few things, donating box after box to
Goodwill; here Vicki poses by what we think was our first piece
of furniture, a pine bookcase purchased in Boston in 1970 

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Tawana said...

Nice to see photos of the truck and camper. I hope it will be exactly what you want.

Can't believe your beautiful house has sat empty all these years. I loved that house. Perhaps the housing market will improve enough that it will sell soon. Sad to think of it being all alone on the side of that mountain!

Let us know about your travels.