Monday, December 24, 2012

Milford Sound, 2009: We Return You Now To Our Regularly Scheduled Travel Blog

So, as chronicled earlier, we did New Zealand's Milford Tramp in January of 2009, stayed at the lodge in Milford for a couple rainy days, watching waterfalls come and go, the kea and the sand flies, and then did a half-day kayaking tour of Milford Sound. The latter is one of the South Island's best-known fiords and is indeed a world-class sort of place. For the kayaking trip, we had purchased a disposable water-proof marine camera and used up nearly all its film taking pix of the marvelous sights. We left the camera with Rebecca when we returned to the States in March of 2009. Then we departed for Europe.

But some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half years, the camera passed out of all knowledge.

But it turned up again in the summer of 2012, during cleaning and reorganization of Rebecca's garage, and, within only a few months, I took it to the Santa Cruz Avenue Walgreen's for developing. (I hesitated because I did not believe anyone was still developing film). Anyhow, below are a few pix from the kayaking trip. Memories of the great beauty of the place, of its incredibly still waters, a giant walled inlet of the violent Tasmanian Sea, of high peaks and glaciers towering above, of changing from street clothes into a wet suit, outdoors, on the beach, in a cloud of sand flies, still haunt me.
Milford Sound, Mitre Peak, etc.

Looking back to the interior

Us, kayaking; I remember asking the
guide whether this might be a good
place to set my altimeter, and his
replying, straight-faced South Islander,
that yes, we were indeed at about

The waterfall; we had just seen
Southerland Falls and so were not all
that impressed

Up closer

So what do you do with a few remaining frames from a four
year old disposable camera? That's right, take pix of your
current abode...

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