Thursday, March 25, 2010

Road Trip! Or, "Continue Onto I-40, Passing Through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma..."

Rebecca and her new Fit

About to depart Menlo Park

Earlier in the month, Rebecca bought a new Honda Fit, and Rachel decided to buy Rebecca's 2001 Mazda truck; and Vicki and Mark volunteered to drive the truck from Menlo Park to DC (we really do like road trips), taking the opportunity to visit friends and family along the way. We left early Monday morning, drove south to aromatic Gilroy, crossed the beautiful green mountains to the central valley (always makes me hungry), then crossed the Mojave (always makes me thirsty), and on into Arizona, stopping at Flagstaff, still in winter with snow all around. I-40 straddles Route 66, visible in lots of places along the way.

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