Wednesday, March 10, 2010

At the Hotel Marie Normandy, Saint Cloud

Norma and Harry, Vicki and me, Judy and Bob; 120 years'
of marital experience, I mean, bliss, here, folks (Vicki and I
 both have gotten haircuts since this shot was taken)

We did watch a bit of the Olympics

Vicki and Marie in the hotel lobby (free wifi), Vicki
posting on eBay, Marie, checking out the latest in space
launches and recoveries; later we went outside to hear
the double sonic boom of the Shuttle's re-entry, which I
found pretty thrilling, actually

Kathy and Rick Howe, two of the gurus of
world motorhome travel

At "Arabian Nights," a renowned (see TripAdvisor)
dinner/theater presentation in Kissimmee; we were
concerned that one of the horses might grab and eat
one of the trainers; so far from this, however, the three
dozen horses and humans in the cast performed for
more than 30 minutes without leaving a single fecal
deposit on the sawdust floor...I was so impressed;
and the bus-load of Muslim tourists never showed up

Marie and Norm have again hosted us, from our arrival February 14 to the present. Fortunately, the Hotel Marie Normandy is very large, and they are good company. I hope we are. In any case, they get five stars.

We have spent these three weeks relaxing, getting used to more temperate weather (not nearly temperate enough, yet!), managing photo-files, getting a recalcitrant HD to work (thanks, Rachel), re-organizing, doing tons of paper-work, and...traveling. The first week, we drove to Winter Haven to see high school ('65) friends Harry and Norma Kingsbery and Bob and Judy Deeter, as well as octogenarian moms Marieda Kingsbery and Flo Deeter. A great, great, great treat. Later that week, Vicki and Marie flew to Knoxville to see Stacey and the boys, James and Jason. (Norm and I ate very well that weekend). The next week, I flew to DC, to see Rachel and Will (and Peter) as well as a number of friends at the Federation of State Humanities Councils and NEH--it was "Humanities on the Hill" week and close enough to work for me. But great fun, and friends for whom I have the greatest regard and affection. Saturday we met with fellow travelers Rick and Kathy Howe (, who were just about to depart for Europe for an extended motorhoming tour there. Sunday I drove to Rodent World to see sister Carole compete in the Princess Half-Marathon. I am so impressed; she is so fit. Sunday we did "Arabian Nights" in Kissimmee, a uniquely singular one-of-a-kind experience right here in Central Florida. So we have been busy.

Tomorrow, Thursday, we drive to Weston for several days' visit with Carole and Jim and Lexi. Then, after a brief stop-over back in Saint Cloud, we're off to CA to see Rebecca and Jeremy in Menlo Park. And, after that...a road trip! From Menlo Park to Capitol Hill. Details to follow.

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Anonymous said...

Mike Phillips here, Tawana West's "younger" brother. Wish I had know you were going to be in Winter Haven. My wife's Mom, Sister and Brother-in-Law live there.