Friday, February 13, 2009

Under the Volcano, II

From a Huge Petroglyph Site, Pu'uloa, on the Chain of Craters Road

Ditto, a Pretty Universal Symbol

Another Double Rainbow, over the Forlorn Royal Gardens Subdivision

A Bit Further South of Kaimu Beach Is Where the Lava Presently Enters the Sea; One Drives Out, Then Walks the Last Half Mile, on Recent Lava, to an Observation Point, Still Some Distance from the Action; Only Open 5-8PM

Here It Is at Dusk; Too Dark for Pix After That

We spent Thursday exploring Kilauea and environs (all pretty much in the NP): the visitor center, the crater, the caldera, the lava tubes, the Chain of Craters Road, petroglyphs, the sea cliffs, the overall volcanic landscape, and, finally, the site where the lava presently enters the sea. It's all pretty overwhelming. We're just along for the ride on this planet....

We're staying at a hostel in Hilo and will operate from here the next couple days.

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