Sunday, February 8, 2009

To Dunedin, Otago

The Shoe Fence, More Than 100m Long; Magnificent!

One Hamlet's Reminder to Slow Down...

Lawn Bowling, All Over NZ: What Is This Thing About Wearing White? The National Rugby Team Are the "All Blacks"!

Dunedin from Otago Peninsula

The drive to Dunedin veered back inland most of the way, although it was not without interest, including the largest shoe-fence (or shoe-anything) I have ever seen. We have seen several shoe-fences in New Zealand, but this one takes the prize.

From Dunedin we continued out onto the Otago Peninsula, another 5 star world class sort of place that we thought was over-rated and over-priced. The main attraction is wildlife, most of which we have now seen, but especially the royal albatross breeding site. We went into the visitor center, watched the video, etc., but balked at the $40 charge to go on a tour where you get to see an albatross in its nest, being manipulated and exploited by humans. Hey, they are just big sea-going ducks as far as I can tell—they even quack, according to the soundtrack—and there are many varieties, few of which are endangered or even threatened. We walked the cliffs instead, hoping to see one in flight. Next time; maybe.

Dunedin accommodations were full; it was a big Maori national holiday and also the weekend Otago U students were coming back to campus, and also Chinese New Year, so we stayed at a motel in Mosgiel, on the geographical and cultural outskirts, and undertook the vast sorting and packing necessary for our flight Sunday to Auckland.

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