Saturday, February 7, 2009

Speight's Brewery

Holy Water; There Was a Constant Flow of People Filling All Manner of Jugs and Other Containers

Unfortunately, That Was About All She Drank...

Porter Sausage on Mash with Onions and Gravy...Hearty Fare, Indeed...But This Makes Me Wonder Where the Expression "Hearty" Comes From...the American Heart Association?

Some of the Pub Interior

Some More of the Interior, Antique Vats...

It's Not a Beer, It's a Lifelstyle, a Nationality

Most important of the Dunedin sites we visted was Speight's Brewery. Even before deciding to go there, we noticed people queuing up just to draw free Speight's water from the deep old brewery well. Hey, if the water's that good, we wondered, what about the beer? See illustration.

Speights is the great Southern beer (ale, lager, porter, etc.) of New Zealand. We skipped the brewery tour, of course, and headed directly for the brewery pub, for a lunch and sampler of the brews. See other illustrations. The sampler was most generous, each glass topped off, about 6 ounces per. Vicki had to help with the golden lager: her first beer ever! Rachel, be proud of your M. It was probably her last, too, however. She had the rib-eye sandwich and chips for lunch, and I had the porter sausage on mash with caramelized onions and gravy, washed down with porter and four other varieties. Hearty fare. We took another long walk through the CBD before I felt comfortable driving back out to the motor camp in Brighton, near the beach, where we spent our last night on the South Island.

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