Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Take-Off View of Diamond Head

Medium Island

Lekeleke Burial Grounds, Keauhou

Kona Coast View

Welcome to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park; But You Can Drink the Water...

So far in our first 24 hours back in the States, we have done business with Mesa Airlines, Avis, Walmart, McDonald's, Tony Roma's, Safeway, and 7-11. We feel fully repatriated now. I guess the last time we were in a Walmart Chongqing. We also went to a Tony Roma's in Shanghai.... Oh well. The American Way.

We're on the BIG Island now, in a cabin at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. (Well, actually, at the lodge presently, for the free wifi). Rain has delayed our tenting. We hope it won't interfere with other plans. But we have all our rain gear, which served us well in Fiordland.

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