Saturday, February 14, 2009


The National Comfort Food

At First We Thought These Were Mini-Durians; Within the Red Skin and Thorns Is a Lychee-Like Grape; This Guy Described the Taste Experience Like It Was a 1947 Mouton-Rothschild, "Finish" and All; Tastes Like Lychee

The Pacific Tsunami Museum; Excellent Treatment and Displays

Just In Case You Never Saw a Tsunami Gift Store...

Despite the persistent rain, we like Hilo. It feels Hawaiian (whatever that means), more authentic, less touristy. Apart from moving from one hostel to another (downtown, old hotel), we spent the day at the Saturday market, browsing the abundant and excellent used bookstores, and visiting the Pacific Tsunami Museum. Hilo suffered a catastrophic tsunami in 1946.

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mel ulm said...

ok I thought the national comfort food was barbecued spam.