Friday, February 6, 2009

Henry the Tuatara

Southland Museum, Largest Pyramid in the Southern Hemisphere, the Book Said (built by Cheops III?)

Henry; He Moved Twice While We Were Watching (this is most unusual)

Henry Spawn

The Southland Museum's main prize (other than some interesting exhibits on NZ's subantarctic islands, shipwrecks there, etc.) is a 120 year old Tuatara, Henry (see illustration). The Tuatara are a lizard remnant of the Jurrassic period, much reduced in size nowadays, but they are found on the subantarctic islands and even on the NZ mainland. Henry has recently mated (following an operation ("to his willy" the museum staffer said)) and a couple of his eleven new descendants also are pictured.

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Tawana said...

I will always remember a tuatara because it was a question on one of the research papers I used to have my students work on.