Thursday, July 12, 2018


Rovinj is a nearly ancient town in the most Italian part of Croatia's coast. It is at the tip of a tiny peninsula, its buildings coming right down to the water. It flourished under Venice from the Middle Ages on, and it is flourishing right now, having been discovered by the tourist hordes, including us. A very picturesque and agreeable place. The campground/RV park at Rovinj is enormous and half an hour's walk along the beach and then the harbor to the city. We spent a very pleasant afternoon and evening exploring the sights and the many squares and alleys. We were in Rovinj July 4th. No one was celebrating, least of all us. A day of sadness, mourning...

Pix taken the next morning when the sun was better positioned

Glassy, clear Adriatic

No super-yacht here, just working fishing boats

1956 monument celebrating the struggle against fascism

The buildings, mostly residences, appear to rise right out of the sea

Main drag

It's a small place, area-wise, and the only way to grow was up and with very
narrow alleys

Restaurant seating

Church and bell tower of St. Euphemia

Atop the tower is the St. Euphemia weather-vane, more than
life-size, which we'll see later

Double-barreled downspout

Recycled material in the church building

The marina; no yachts here, either

View from where we had drinks (photo of Negroni and Pina Colada to appear)


St. Euphemia telling us a big storm is approaching from the sea

Adriatic sunset

It's 10 PM, and all across the Mediterranean, from Spain to Turkey, the kids
are  still up and at it; even the little ones

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