Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mostar, 2

Continuing our fine day in Mostar...

The divers club office

Panning around

Old mosque reflected in the river


Coffee sets, just in case you've become addicted...

All manner of other things for sale

Last saw this art form in Ypres

Ablution solution

For this very old mosque

Size 8, right?


We had a nice lunch at the Ascinica Balkan II, established in 1967; shared
Mediterranean salad

The grilled meat/sausage thing I had; can't remember its name; whenever I have
grilled sausage in this part of the world, I always think of the Bucharest street
vendor's recipe: "some garlic, some cat; some dog, some rat"; yum

Vicki's veal and frites

Original 1967 salt and pepper set

Neat place nonetheless

Turkish consulate

The ridge from which the Serbs bombarded Mostar; who would Jesus bombard? (note cross)

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Tawana said...

I spent our time in Mostar in a hotel room, so I only saw photos of the bridge and the guys who jumped off it for money. I remember seeing bombed out buildings from our tour bus as we drove along. The food in that part of the country was lots of meat, sausage, potatoes, and rarely any salads or fruits. Probably the worst food of all of our world adventures! Your photos of the area and the bridge are fabulous.