Monday, July 30, 2018

Gorgeous Vintgar Gorge

It was a busy day. After the beau village Radovjlica and the Apiary Museum, we hiked Vintgar Gorge. The latter is a mile-long defile created by the river Radovna through the limestone that is everywhere in the region, creating a gorgeous little gorge that you can hike along on a system of boardwalks and bridges. As elsewhere in the region, the water is completely clear and the colors are beautiful and ever-changing.
The river Radovna before it gets to its gorge

In the Triglav National Park

The whole thing is ticketed, with imposing gates...but no
one ever took our tickets nor asked for them

And we're off

The lay of the strata certainly contributes to the gorge's shape

Vicki surveying the scene

The thing about gorges is that the lighting is seldom just right

Along the way, part of a cairn city

Dam near the end of the trail

Nearly in the mountains

Looking down a waterfall at the end of the trail


Rhinemaidens--no, Radovnamaidens--they weren't speaking German so I didn't
ask them anything about a golden ring; also they were not singing; "Waft your
waves, ye waters! Carry your crests to the cradle!"

Actual fish

Cool place; especially on a hot day!

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Tawana said...

Oh, wow! Beautiful place.